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 .::. I'll take an 8 .::. 
At a posh English casino, a blackjack dealer and a player with a 13 count are arguing about whether or not a player should tip the dealer. The player says, "When I get dealt bad cards it's not the dealer's fault, so when I get good cards, the dealer obviously has nothing to do with that either, so why should I tip for that?

The dealer replies, "When you eat in a restaurant do you tip your waiter?"

"Yes," says the gambler.

"Well then, the waiter only serves you the food; if itís good or bad, itís not up to him.

By the same token, a dealer serves you cards, so you should tip him also."

"Okay," says the gambler, "a waiter gives me what I want. I'll take an 8."

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 .::. A man wins $1, 000, 000 in Vegas .::. 
A group of friends spent a week gambling at the blackjack tables in Las Vegas. One of the men won $1,000,000. He didn't want anyone to find out about it, so he purposely missed his flight and took a later plane home -- arriving back very late. He went out to the backyard of his house, dug a hole and hid the money in it. The following morning he walked outside and found the money had been stolen. He noticed tracks leading from the hole to the house next door, which was owned by a deaf-mute. On the same street lived a teacher who understood sign language and was a friend of the deaf man. Grabbing his gun, the enraged man went to get the teacher and took him to the deaf man's house.

"You tell this guy that if he doesn't give me back my money I'm going to kill him!" he screamed at the teacher. The teacher conveyed the message to his friend, and the deaf-mute replied in sign language, "I hid it in my kitchen under the floorboards." The teacher turned to the man with the gun and said, "He's not going to tell you. He said he'd prefer to die."

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 .::. Three buddies on a Vegas vacation .::. 
Three buddies decided to take their wives on vacation for a week in the Las Vegas casinos. The week was great; they all had a great time. After they returned home the men went back to work, during a break they discussed their trip.

The first guy says, "Iím never going back! Since we got back, my old lady flings her arms & hollers, "7 come 11" all night, its impossible to sleep!"

The second guy says "Tell me about it...my old lady played Blackjack the whole time we were there, now she slaps the bed all night and yells "hit me light or hit me hard", and I haven't sleep either!"

The third guy says, "You think thatís bad! My old lady played the slots the whole time we were there, I wake up each morning with a sore dick and an but full of coins."

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